Cold Drip

Here's why we love it …

Cold drip is a unique, slow saturation method of coffee preparation, revered for its ability to highlight subtle flavor profiles in single origin beans. For this reason, baristas tend to favor beans with sweeter, more fruit driven and floral tones.

A highly conditional process, the quality of your cold drip is dependent on a range of factors, including water level, grams of coffee, coarseness of the grind, drip rate and steep time. If done right, your cold drip should be removed of bitterness, low in acidity and have a sweet, liqueur-like consistency. Only then will it truly reflect the flavor nuances of your chosen bean.

Here's how we do it …

We run 600ml of cold, filtered water from chamber one, onto 90gm of coarsely ground single origin coffee in chamber two. It's a slow process, at one drop every 1.5 seconds.

3,600 seconds later, the saturated grinds will begin to release the filtered by-product which will start to drip through to a third catchment chamber. This process can take upward of four hours.

The filtered coffee is then stored in a glass canister and chilled overnight, to be served over the next three days.

Here's how you drink it …

We serve 45ml of cold drip in a glass vial, for you to pour into a chilled glass over a block of ice.