Filter Coffee – Clever Coffee Dripper (CCD)

Here’s why we love it …

The Clever Coffee Dripper, commonly known as a pour-over, is a single cup filter. It’s point of difference is a single valve at its base which allows baristas to control the amount of time coffee grounds steep in water. This valve allows one to draw up liquid from the filter system by manual depression or simply placing on a cup or carafe.

Adjusting individual variables such as steep time is crucial to the experimentation process in the quest to produce a perfect cup. By adjusting one variable at a time and keeping the others constant, one can improve test results exponentially.

The simplicity and ease of use makes the CCD a perfect filter system for café use. Several filter coffees can be made at once with minimal attention and because all the variables are easily controlled, with correct technique, two people can make almost identical coffees.

Here’s how we do it …

We pour water over coffee grinds contained in the paper filter, which then via gravity, seeps through the coffee, absorbing its oils and essences. It then passes through the bottom of the filter producing a clear, light-bodied coffee, which is free of sediment.

Because of the valve, greater separate control is given over certain brew variables such as grind size, amount of coffee dosed, water weight, water temperature and time which water and coffee remain in contact.

Here’s how you drink it …

We manually depress the CCD filtered coffee into a fine glass carafe and serve with an accompanying Japanese porcelain cup. The carafe will maintain temperature for a period of time, affording the drinker the opportunity to pour their beverage at will without major loss of heat.