Ever changing creations with accompanying breads  9 (winter only)


BLT or BLTC wrap

Grilled bacon, lettuce, tomato & creamy aioli all wrapped up in a warm flat bread  12.5

With grilled chicken  16.5



The Warm South American

A flat tortilla with spicy beans, a house made salsa of avocado, tomato, red onion and topped with two free range fried eggs and a grilled lime 16.5

With Chorizo 18.5


Chicken Quinoa Salad

Red and white quinoa with avocado, peppers,baby spinach, pumpkin seeds, coriander and goats cheese with a honey mustard dressing 18 


"The Cuban" aka Billy the Kid 

Pulled pork, virginian ham, mustard pickle relish and swiss cheese served on dark rye with a dill pickle and a side of coleslaw 15 


Chilli Prawn Linguini

Grilled prawns, cherry tomatoes, rocket, basil, garlic chilli olio and parmesan 21